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par Claudio Corti

1 000 €

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Le projet
Les contributeurs

Why is this project meaningful to you?
My trip to Thailand in 2015 was eye-opening in wildlife mis-treatment and torture, especially with the Thai Elephant. Knowing that #MoveForNature is going against this to preserve & protect the wildlife of elephants made me closer to the project and the greater purpose.
Since then, I have been involved in side projects with WWF in the Netherlands, and I have always been concerned with wildlife protection generally, our nature and our planet. After the death of the last male White-Rhyno, I found myself surrounded with further motivation to try and reverse the way we conduct our lives, and help repair our damages.

Furthermore, I also love running. Yet, running started to become repetitive and usually the same process. Since 2016, I decided to take challenges with an additional incentive. I want to challenge myself, while doing good. That's a truly rewarding feeling. In fact, my first crowdfunding campaign was for Make-A-Wish Nederlands for the Rotterdam Marathon. From that angle, I found myself more engaged with doing good to our own society, and to our own planet. I wanted to run the Brussels 20km for my second time, and this time I wanted to make it special for myself, and for those that want to follow my journey. Thus, I decided to join the WWF-Team, aiming to cross my goals with an engaging crowdfunding campaign!

What is your objective ?
I want to raise as much as I can to contribute in the 15k goal established by WWF, running with the names of all donors on my t-shirt on the race day. From a performance stand-point, I aim to run for fun with the WWF team and not to break a record for a change.

Any one-liner you'd like to share with us?
You can't fail when you give back for a greater purpose: You only fail when you stop trying.

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Deshna Khedoe

25 €


Clara Lloyd

20 €


Gabriele Cascone

10 €


Riccardo Riva

20 €


Gabriel Adade

5 €


Angelo Clarotti

20 €


Albert & Marjolein Fidder

20 €


Simon Marta

20 €


Michiel Slebos

20 €


Eveline Fidder

20 €

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Le WWF est l’une des organisations internationales de conservation de la nature indépendantes les plus étendues et les plus respectées au monde. Notre réseau est composé de plus de 90 bureaux dans plus de 100 pays.
Nous agissons pour mettre un terme à la dégradation de l’environnement de notre planète et pour construire un avenir où l’humain vit en harmonie avec la nature, en œuvrant à la conservation de la biodiversité, en veillant à ce que l’utilisation des ressources naturelles soit durable et en promouvant la réduction de la pollution et de la surconsommation.
Pour en savoir plus sur les actions du WWF-Belgique : www.wwf.be